Friday 28 February 2014

A trip to Somerset

When the donkeys are in they make lots of mess so twice a week we take the poo away in our trailer. Clovelly Estate gardens like to have it and are supposed to provide us somewhere accessible to put it but...with all the bad weather thee is mud everywhere and they have not been able to do lots of their work so the easy bins are full and the approach to the other is under 1ft of mud and our tractor can't get up the slope to the place they really want it. It's even worse because our usual tractor blew an axle bearing in the summer and we've been using our smaller one.

So - when our little tractor broke down again we had to decide about replacing it and it had to be with something that would do the job despite the ever-increasing difficulties. After a good hunt around on the internet we tracked down some likely candidates and a nice person who would give us some advice and set off to see tractors in Somerset.

We checked first that the dealers were not flooded! We had a lovely drive as it happened but when we arrived we could see the Somerset levels all flooded - in an attempt to save Mucheleney the authorities were pumping water out from there onto land around the tractor dealers - the road was just awash about 1" deep.

We looked at several tractors - we like them better than sports cars - and ended up with a choice between a good second hand one that was a bit too pricey or a new 'cheap Chinese'. We were too worried about second hand cheap Chinese not being reliable(since we would be spending lots of money on it).We eventually chose the new Chinese. Now we have to wait a few weeks for it to be ready..then a new blue shiney Chinese tractor will arrive...and we will be paying back a loan...........the poo heap is getting ever bigger......hope we have a good summer next year!

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