Wednesday, 19 June 2013

June Agility with Charlie, Sinead, Noah and Giffy the mule

We decided to do some extra filming this month too......
Charlie did very well but doesn't go back too well, made a mess of the cones and Peter got in his way.
Peter took fright when all the flags blew over and the bottle jumped out of the bottle bank - and Charlie got in HIS way.
Giffy did a great round for a 34-yr-old lady trying something new - and Charlie got in the way of the camera.
Noah did two rounds quite nicely but messed up a different obstacle each time and , as usual, didn't want to go backwards.
Sinead did her very best, bless 'er, and showed that she is not as confident as she makes out!
Jake and Jasper had a go but our friends who were leading them didn't want to be filmed !  :>(

Unfortunately life got in the way and we didn't manage to get all the videos uploaded in time to enter them so they will get posted here soon anyway.
Watch this space !

June Agility - Pierre, Sammy and Kiwi

This month Sammy, Pierre and Kiwi have entered the Agility competition.
Here's Pierre's video:-

He scored 87 out of 100 - which is preetty good for him !
That's  46  for the obstacles and 41 for good horsemanship and a comment that it was beginning to flow (around the course) a bit better.

This is Sammy's video:-

he scored 87 too which was not his highest score but got a comment that it was a great improvement,  which was lovely !
That's 46 for obstacles and 41 for horsemanship just like Pierre !

This is Kiwi's video:-

She scored 82 and was very good for going through the water obstacle because she's too young to have crossed much water yet. It was a VERY windy day too and the flags and bottles kept blowing everywhere.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Kiwi and Parelli

Sue and Kiwi are trying to pass their Parelli Level 1 assessment to become OFFICIAL Level 1 Parelli folks !
Here's the link to the video :

Please wish us luck in passing - we need it !