Friday, 30 September 2011

Baby Kiwi and the Parelli Games day

Baby Kiwi has been caught on camera practicing for the Parelli Games and spotlights day at Duchy College on 4th December. Heading nicely for a cone......
Hmmm...the grumpy expression !

Pierre and the LOG (2)

Now you remember that Pierre has worked out how to climb on his log?
Well, here he is again.......with Sue on his back !!!
He was supposed to be doing some hindquarter and forequarter yields but he decided he'd rather stand on the log. Oh dear ! Now we won't be able to keep him off it !!!

 Here he is with another of his favourite toys. the Sausage - an old yacht fender.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

A Wet Day

It was a horrible dy of sudden heavy showers. Those of us who had been out came in dripping. Here's the pattern of drips on the shed floor !
Bart decided it was too wet to sit in the street so Toby and I posed for photos in the stableyard so that we could hide in the stables when it rained. 
 In between the showers it was sunny so we had a good day.

 Jake and Jasper thought it was better to sty indoors and even Baby Kiwi stood on the throne under the new roof.

 Peter persuaded Bart to give him a good tickle.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Donk's Friends Come to Visit

I had a busy day the other day when my good friends and adopters came to see me.Here we are in the yard.

In the morning we met in the stables and the two nice ladies gave me a brush. I was a bit shy but then I was thinking Bart was being a bit slow with my breakfast.Then I went off to do my photo job but all the friends came back to see me in the evening. I posed for them and looked handsome and then they went off to have something humans call 'TEA'.
It was very nice to meet them and get lots of spoiling and extra tea too. ~Donk~

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Pierre Conquers The Log !

Well, I was going to do some bareback riding and as I am a bit big for Pierre I like to get on gently from the stool rather than haul myself up from the ground. So I put the stool beside Pierre - and he walked off. He's not supposed to do that by now. I climbed up and down on the stool to make sure he wasn't worried and he walked round me - and behind my back he climbed on the log ! What's more he stayed there long enough for me to go off and find the camera.

So....has he found a clever way of getting out of the riding or was he copying me standing on the stool? Have to ask him........

He's not saying !
Next day he was quite happy to do it again and even played toss-the-rope up there.

Well done Pierre.
Now for Sammy !............~Sue~