Saturday, 18 June 2011

Welly and Noah go to a wedding.

In the middle of the monthWellington went to a wedding, this time with Noah.
They met the bride at the New Inn where she was staying and escorted her to the Red Lion where she was to be married. Here's Welly on the left and Noah on the right.

There were LOTS of guests and they made a big fuss of the donkeys. It was a lovely day and while the wedding was taking place they went to sleep in the sun.
Welly enjoying the harbour scenery.
Noah did better by finding himself a flat piece of concrete to stand on.
After the wedding lots of photos were taken.
Noah with a guest.
Noah with a bridesmaid.
Noah with the Bride.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Mules at the Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary

Some friends from the British Mule Society kindly took Sue to the Donkey Sanctuary to see their mules.
They have some wonderful mules of all shapes and sizes.
The Mule Society had adopted a sanctuary but it closed when the lady who started it became too ill to continue. Many of the mules were sent the the Sidmouth Sanctuary and this is them in their own group.
The next group contained avery friendly young mule called Paco who is looking for a home BUT he has to go with his two friends.
One is the mule on the left and the other is....
This lovely big mule called Billy
The next group were older mules.
Henry is the gey mule behind who is very friendly and cheeky but too old to be re-homed.
In the front is Figit. He has to have an operation to remove a large sarcoid growth but he reacted very badly to the vet. The ladies who keep him have worked very hard on making him less afraid of the vet (and everyone else!) because if he could not have the operation he would have to be put to sleep. They have done a wonderful job and very probably saved his life.
These are two small, young mules who came to the sanctuary recently.
This is Ami, one of the oldest mules.
A horse psychology student came to the sanctuary to do some experiments to find out how intelligent the mules were compared to horses and how quick they were to learn new things. Ami got the highest scores in all the tests so she is officially the most intelligent mule in the sanctuary !

We all had a lovely day and were made very welcome by the donkey sanctuary staff.
Thank you ladies for showing off your lovely mules.
To visit the mules yourself and find out more about the Donkey Sanctuary visit their website at:

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Donkeys and June

The start of June was dry and sunny - some warmth at last !

Donk, Toby and Eli shared the photos-in-the-street job. Donk and Toby have special food so it is convenient to take them because they can eat in peace without the other donkeys trying to steal their dinner. Eli is our new donkey and we wanted him to get used to all the fuss and attention. No need to worry - he loves it all !
Toby getting some attention as well as his dinner.

When it is so sunny the donkeys go to sleep after their dinner - just like us they like sunbathing.
Toby likes this spot in the sun but he can go into the shade if he wants to.
Eli has the right idea.
Donk begs for his last dinner at 2.30
Sometimes Toby's friends come round to put him in the frame !
Meanwhile, up in the stables,some of the other donkeys are getting ready to give donkey rides. There's Sinead with her saddle on.  Kiwi, the black donkey,and Giffy the mule are dozing in the sun and JakeyTed has sat down on the cobbles! (He often sits there although he has a good bed to lie on in the shed.)
Jasper is also off to give rides......but Charlie has gone to sleep too.
Here are Peter, Kiwi and Charlie asleep in the shed.
Sometimes we leave them the horsebox to play in so that they are not frightened of it.
 Charlie likes anything that looks like a new stable.
Giffy just loves travelling !

...and Baby Kiwi likes standing on her log !
Well, we suppose he is comfortable !