Saturday, 14 May 2011

Welly and Kiwi go to a wedding.

A lovely lady who works in the village was to get married in our Big Church. She brought her dear dog Harley and asked if the donkeys could come too.We took Wellington who is one of the older donkeys and very calm and reliable.Kiwi went too because one of the lady's guests had adopted her.

On the day before Welly and Kiwi went over to the church for a practice to see if Kiwi would go into the church. Unfortunately she was too scared of the big steps but here she is posing in front of the beautiful doorway which has been specially decorated  with scented flowers.

On the day Welly and Kiwi stood each side of the doorway and greeted the guests as they arrived.
Here's Kiwi keeping the guys busy and Welly entertaining the ladies.

Then when the bride arrived they followed after her along the church path under the special hand-made bunting -  the donkey's had matching blankets and special rosettes too.

The donkeys grazed the succulent new grass in the graveyard while the wedding service was taking place.

Afterwards the happy couple and the guests made their way to the Court Gardens for the photos.
Kiwi was photographed with all the guests......
....and with the bride......
..and with ladies and gents.She was kept very busy !

Meanwhile, after such a lot of eating in the churchyard, and so much excitement, and after all it was quite hot, Wellington went to sleep under an apple tree.
The little ones made a big fuss of him.....
The big ones took pictures over the top of him.......
...and someone even made a phone call !
He slept peacefully through it all.

In fact, he was quite cross when he had to wake up to go home.
On the way home we had a conversation with a herd of English Longhorn cattle which was good experience for Kiwi because she had been scared of them before. Perhaps all the excitement had made her a bit brave?

Monday, 9 May 2011

The New Barriers

Bart has made some smart new barriers for the stable yard.
Mother and Baby Kiwi had a good look. Peter and Giffy thought the camera looked more interesting.

Mother said they were good for resting one's heavy head upon.

Giffy said they were good for scratching bums.

Jake said it worked well for ears too.

Charlie went to sleep with his nose on one.

And Baby thought that was such a good idea that she did it too.

The barriers in place. Noah has found a log to scratch upon.

Saturday, 7 May 2011


The donkeys have been visited by the dentist. She is a very nice lady recommended by the Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth, and she comes every year to file off any sharp edges the donkeys have on their teeth. Donkeys' teeth grow all their lives and wear down while they are eating grass. Sometimes they don't wear down evenly, particularily in older donkeys, leaving sharp edges.
Kiwi and Peter think Gill's toolbox looks suspicious.

They put the gag on Giffy so that they can see clearly what they are doing. Giffy looks a bit worried but they are so quiet and confident that she doesn't make any fuss.

Filing teeth is hard work.....

But it all goes well.

Noah's turn. The headstand helps to keep the donkeys' head in the right place. The donkeys seem remarkably calm about it all.

Even the electric file doesn't worry them too much.
Peter is too young to need any attention but he is fascinated by the goings-on and watched the whole time. His Mum,Sinead, thinks the dentist looks scary and stays out of the shed..........but she keeps dropping in to make sure Peter hasn't got himself into any trouble!

If your donkeys need a dentist we can recommend these ladies.
Contact Gill Spinney at

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Welcome to our NEW Blog Spot

To donkey lovers everywhere WELCOME to our new Donkey EEore-blog , created in May 2011, where the donkeys can tell you what they have been up to recently. To meet the donkeys indivdually trot over to our website at   . Happy browsing !


The Royal Wedding, the bank holiday and Mayday were all so close together that the donkeys kept their ribbons on all week just because they looked nice. There was a Mayday celebration in the Parish Hall where they even managed to have a proper maypole.Well done Parish Hall !