Sunday, 13 October 2013

Jasper's Agility Debut

Time to film this month's Online Horse Agility entry !
It's getting dark much earlier now so we had to set everything up in a hurry.
Our donkeys love knocking over all the obstacles so we shut them in the shed. Just as well because the horrid biting flies started to come out. Charlie said he wanted to go first but when he came out the flies put him off and he dived into the stable ! Jasper was already in there so we asked him to go first....and.....he did really well !
His little tail swished all the way round. He did the gate really well.....He was a bit hesitant about backing up through the T-shape but stepped into the hoop perfectly. He didn't want to stand there though and didn't think that scary flag was nice a t all !!!  However he did such a good job and it was the first time he had done a filming all by himself so we say WELL DONE JAS !
Here's the link.