Friday 28 February 2014

February catchup

Well here we are in Feb and December and january have just gone by in a flash.
December as usual was spent trying to get all the donkey adopters their christmas cards and news - this time online but it seems to have been a bit of a disaster as many people said they couldn't open the files. Big apologies to everyone - if you should have received a card and havn't please email us !

While December was dryish the donkeys were able to go out most days until about a fortnight before Christmas. Then the rain came in to stay and the donks have been in the stables and yard ever since. January was one of the wetest we have ever seen - though the warmest too, no frost at all but storm after huge storm. We are most fortunate that we are not really at too much risk of flooding.The fields quickly became waterlogged and still are. The donkeys have been going for walks along the Hobby Drive . After their morning feed they mill about in the yard begging to go. Giffy pings the electric wire (which isn't on - sshh! ) , she and Welly have pretend biting matches and Peter tries to open the tack room door. Charlie and Jasper play tug with the headcollars as we put them on and baby Kiwi hangs on the end of the collars while we do everyone else!

Bart went away for 3 weeks leaving Sue and the stalwart helpers Terry, Paul, Nigel and Anne helpers to look after everyone. Not a problem but nothing much except donkey care gets done when we are a hand short! Then we had a major disaster - While he was away the little tractor who pulls our poo trailer twice a week broke down and has now died. We have had to make a big decision about replacing it - so nowwe will buy a new tractor on a bank loan. Hate to be in debt to anyone but sometimes there is no choice.....

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