Monday, 29 April 2013

Pierre in Donkey Agility for April

This month Pierre decided to have a go at the Liberty class .
Warning – it’s SLOW !!! Pierre was a bit upset and suspicious that the humans had shut his pal Sammy in the field so tha he didn't get in the way. Sammy can be seen in the background doing everything he can think of to get noticed, including stomping up and down, leaning over the fence,eeore-ing and , irresistable to Pierre, peeing and making silly faces ! 
Pierre did DO all the obstacles, without any lead rope, which is pretty good for him, but there’s not much in the way of smooth flow unless you count a lot of waiting. He was supposed to trot in some places too but, well, that's Pierre !
 Just at the end where he goes toward the flags for the last time you catch a glimpse of what we know he CAN do.
 Big apologies to all for the camera-man’s choice of words at one point – he’s been told off and would have been bleeped but I’m not allowed to do any editing. :>{

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Peter, Charlie and Kiwi in Donkey Agility for April

Peter, Kiwi and Charlie have been doing their donkey agility in the new donkey class set up by the International Horse Agility Club.
Here's the links to their videos :-
Peter and Sue -

He scored 87 out of 100 with comments that the jump lost the marks ( because he didn't jump of course!) and we had several tight ropes although we had improved. Pete stepped out of the poles while backing up and Sue got out of position on the cone weaving - should have been beside him all the way. We got 3 leauge points and were in second place.

Kiwi and Sue -

We scored 86 and also got 3 league points being in third place. Comments that we had improved a lot and the rope was loose most of the time and the jump lost us the most marks - Kiwi NEARLY jumped! She stepped over a pole in the S-bend and had to have two goes at the backing up.

Charlie and Bart -

Bart and Charlie scored 82 and were fourth with 1 leauge point. The scorers commented that the rope skills had improved and the round was really smooth. Charlie put one foot over the backing poles, lost marks on the jump and the handler lost marks for being out of position on the cone weaving.

We were all beaten by Neoline Cassettari from Australia with her donkey Chelsea who scored 91 !
WELL DONE Noeline   :>)    See you again next month !