Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Baby's first day in the field.

 It was lovely and sunny so Mother and baby went out in the field to get some grass.

In the afternoon we went to check on them and do some more foal-handling.
Here is baby parked in the hedge.
Sinead says 'Come on, out you come.........
Bart does the handling.......
Baby does some skipping.......
Here she is back home in the evening.
Seems it's been a long day as she is falling asleep and can only just manage to lift an ear to see us !

Monday, 9 April 2012

Sinead's Easter Bunny

Here is our newest donkey friend - Sinead and Sammy's new daughter.
This morning, after being very crabby with the other donkeys and chasing Donk around the yard because she doesn't like him Sinead, like this .....
Turned into this.................................
When Bart went in to check she came straight over to see him and then followed him around.
We think that's a very good sign.
She's a very big foal - 36" high already.

People keep asking how she fitted into Sinead's tummy - Sinead just says she doesn't, that's why she was born and she's not so heavy when she's walking on her own feet !
She has a very cute black face and a white nose and a small shoulder stripe - but we can't see ny back stripe yet.

She's so big she has to bend down to find the milk bar even though she's only just born.
Now is the time to introduce her to all the things she will have to know about living with humans so we have done lots of foal handling. She is so relaxed she goes to sleep in our arms. aaaahhhhhh.

Now we have to choose a name.
Possible names :
Sarah, Sally, Sophie, Celine, Shirley - suggestions welcome.

Her name should begin with S or Sh because parents are Sinead and Sammy, be Biblical,
Irish or French and if possible have some connection with Clovelly.
Sinead and Sammy's donkey adopters will be voting to choose from our shortlist.

*x*>>>>WELL DONE SINEAD  <<<<*x*