Wednesday 28 May 2014

May Agility, Peter, Sarah and Sinead's birthdays and lots more to come

Oh dear ! Don't know how it has got to May already ! So much to catch up with including
the coming of the new tractor and moving of the Great Poo Heap,
riding lessons for Pierre and Sammy,
our great Donkey Agility Day,
the arrival of new helpers for the summer,
Welly's new boots
and Donkey birthdays galore!

Our big baby Sarah  (aka Tiddly) was 2 years old on 9 th April
Sinead, our lovely Mother donkey celebrated her 11th birthday on 8th may
Peter has become 4 years old on 21st May

Peter says a BIG 'thank you! ' to Peter who has adopted him for his Birthday present.

Here are our agility videos for May:-
Peter scored 98 out of 100 - more than any of us have ever scored ! Wow! Now we are promoted to First level (from starter level). Sammy was promoted at the end of last year. Oo-er .. they do trotting in first level!
Pete lost a mark for loosing the smile in the rope at the 'gate' and for treading on the backing -up pole (oops Mr Clumsy !).

Kiwi came second with 96 - being her usual mischeivous self and trying to knock over the cones and pull the rope and sneak off in the L Bend .

Next was Sarah with her FIRST OFFICIAL ENTRY !
She was not allowed to enter until she was two - which she is now.  :>)
Not a bad round scoring 90 points but could do better ! She lost lots of marks for banging poles and refusing to wait - we reckon she thought it was tea time as she'd been standing around watching the others and it was getting dark...... and the flies were out.....

Sarah only just beat her mum Sinead who scored 88 points

Pierre did a nice liberty round

....and just for fun Toby our dear blind donkey had a go and our helper Denise took her favourite donkeys and Giffy the mule round the course:-

Denise and Jasper

Denise and Noah

Denise and Giffy

Well done Denise and donkeys !

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