Friday 12 August 2011

Wedding Decorations and 'hard' work......

Well, it was a lovely sunny day and we were up in the Donkey-Riding-Meadow waiting for customers.
We tried very hard to keep awake..
.Jake and I rested our heavy heads on the fence.

 Our good friend's son Tristan was getting married in a few days time so Sue put some ribbons on our saddles to match the wedding colours - we wore them for a few days to send good luck to the happy couple because it was too far for us to actually go to the wedding.... but in the end we all had to sit down for a sleep.

 Eli, Jasper, Welly, Sinead and Noah

Then the customers arrived and we took it in turns to carry them round the field.
Charlie,  Sue  and Jasper. 
Jasper is wearing his sunhat so that he doesn't get sunburn on his white nose.

I got into trouble for digging up grass roots and eating them and making a hole i n the field.

I told the humans when it was time to go home by fiddling with the bridles.
Charlie joined me by tossing some bags around.

 Sue told him it was lucky he wasn't AT the wedding because he would have been in even BIGGER trouble !

So Charlie settled for constantly begging for his bum to be scratched and eventually the humans got the message and we went home.

 Here I am looking very smart in my saddle. I'm a good riding donkey now ! Best eeoores, Eli

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