Sunday 14 August 2011

Big Donkeys and Parelli training.

Sue has been training those big French stallion donkeys again, though it does get a bit late at night when we are all so busy.
Here's Sammy doing a lovely relaxed trot.Lately he's perfected going forward when asked and he's learning to do a figure-of-eight pattern which has a change of direction in the middle. He does it well on the lead and fairly well off the lead though he does like to go off to put his nose on various things because he knows he will get a reward for that !
Here's Pierre standing over the log.He's watching the camera with one ear while getting ready for a good, loud  Eeore. He has twice put both front feet on the log ! Well done Pierre. Just missed the picture of course. He has also been doing the figure-of-eight and is good at it but he's much slower than Sammy.

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