Sunday 7 August 2011

Eli's First Rides

Eli has now become a fully-working riding donkey !
He has been standing for photos for some time, with children on his back, and he has carried the luggage back and forth from the street and the donkey-riding field many times without being worried - so we decided it was time he tried giving donkey rides.
The village children come to ride the donkeys on winter weekends so we invited Tom to ride Eli for the first time. Tom is a good rider - he won't frighten Eli by wobbling around and he won't be too scared if Eli is a bit scared.Here's Tom on Eli's first ride -
Eli was a bit unsure what to do at first so we took Jake for company. However he soon got going and was not at all bothered about being ridden.

Well done Eli and Tom !
After Tom had ridden him around for a bit Eli had his first proper rider.
We helped the little boy to jump on....

And off he went. Our helper walked along too just to be sure everything was OK.
Since then Eli has given lots of rides and seems to enjoy it. He goes best with Jake (they are very similar donkeys) but he won't go round with Sinead because they REALLY don't like each other !

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