Friday 4 January 2013

A Tribute to DONK

 We are very sad that we have lost our dear oldest donkey DONK

 He was nearly 35 and so the oldest donkey we have ever had. Janna and Terry sent us some roses for him so we have put them on the tack room windowsill to remember him by.

Donk fell ill with colic on the day before Christmas Eve without any warning. It's always a danger for old donkeys. He did the same thing last year but he pulled through and had not had a day's illness all year. Unfortunately he became more and more poorly and was put to sleep by our favourite vet on the Thursday after Christmas.We were amazed to see a lovely rainbow over the stables t that time - they are normally out to sea.

Many friends and adopters sent us good wishes and prayers for Donk to get better and we are all very grateful for that as well as for the many messages of sympathy.

Here he is in his last year :
Out in the field with Kiwi and Peter in April 2012

Sprucing up his shoes and stripey socks in May
Eating his brunch in the street - that's Toby trying to sneak in and steal it.Donk's swishing his tail and out his ears back.

Enjoying the fuss and sunshine in July
Kissing with Noah
Lots more fuss and attention

and more....

 and more.
October 2012 - Looking out over Clovelly

October 2012
November - The donkey behaviour study. Donk thought the lady was very strange - but he shoved her with his nose anyway in case she had his dinner handy!
Winter 2008 - Donk with Joshua and Oscar with Emily
Donk was a favourite ride of the village children in the winter because he would canter along when everyone else was trotting. They had to be reasonably good riders though because Donk was always likely to shy at puddles or sticks ... or anything really! He was easy to steer and stop and never bucked anyone off on purpose. 

Ready for another ride and looking very smart.

He even let the kids do 'round-the-world' and other tricks. Here's Josh doing well so far.........

And here's Donk sharing carrots with Daniel in winter 2000.

This is how we shall remember Donk.
Doing what he did best - standing in the street looking handsome for photos and trotting along in the Hobby drive with happy kids on his back.

Thank you to all his adopters for adopting him.
Thank you to everyone who sent us messages and wishes.
We know he won't be forgotten.

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