Wednesday 28 November 2012

Peter's First Horse Agility

Hi everyone,
I've just been filmed doing my first online Horse Agility course ! The humans were behaving strangely as usual but they seemed happy. I did manage not to knock over the blue barrel but I couldn't leave the cones standing up - they look so much better sideways. Sue didn't really mind me shoving her hat into the poo cos I DID put my nose on the ball  - I really like to give it a big push. Sue needs a good telling off for giving my pal Noah a big push cos he was in the way. Well, he just was DIEING to do the course himself . Actually Bart took him round after me just for fun and he did  so well, even though it was raining, Bart entered him in the competition too! I don't know what the poles are all about - Sue makes a big fuss and I can't jump yet but I did walk across the yard perfectly. I had to try really hard to get sue to notice me at the end where we had to wait. Then I went on the fun green thingy and got told off for playing with the lumpy bit the wind had thrown up.Humans are so strange ! Hope you like my effort. Love, Peter.
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