Monday 2 January 2012

Welly on Christmas Eve

This year Wellington was asked to go to Clovelly's parish church for the midnight mass service on Christmas Eve. Bart and Sue were rushing around madly as usual trying to get everybody's adoption gifts and Christmas cards and presents all finished off as well as getting everything tidied up and ready for Sue's parents to visit over Christmas so.....Jana said she'd take Welly along.
Here are Welly and Jana on their way to the church.It was a VERY dark night and a bit wet so Jana put on one of our reflective jackets to walk along the road. The camera was not too happy about the HUGE reflection !
Jana had made Welly a bridle of tinsel.
Welly was very good , of course, and enjoyed eating in the churchyard outside the church. However it was a new vicar (our vicar has several parishes to do all by himself) and Welly was only invited into the door and then, straight away, out again ! Dear me, we'll have to get that vicar to whatch when we have 3 donkeys walking round the church on palm Sunday !

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