Tuesday 3 January 2012

Charlie and Wellington's Exeter Nativity Play

Hi, this is Charlie. I want to tell you all about our day trip to Exeter for a very special occasion - celebrating the birth of baby Jesus.
One afternoon Bart and Sue got out the horsebox and Welly and I were asked to go in.Now, Welly used to say he didn't do horseboxes but he seems to have changed his mind now and I had some competition for the hay. We went on rather a long journey and the humans fussed all the way in case we were late - but it wasn't OUR fault was it?
In fact we arrived on time but had trouble finding where to go until the humans spotted the choir in the shopping centre. Then we had to get out of the horsebox and stand around while we had our brush and foot-polishing and put on our posh bridles. Then off we went to the shopping centre where lots of people came over to pat us and ask what we were doing.

While we were standing the choir was singing carols and quite a crowd gathered.
The Mary and Joseph came and led us on our journey to Bethlehem through Exeter.
We were followed by a huge crowd of people and the television men with michrophones and cameras.We are used to crowds so we didn't mind .
When we got to the seats Joseph stopped to ask the innkeeper on a balcony for somewhere to stay for the night - but he said everywhere was full.
That meant we had to go on another walk to find the Cathedral where Mary and Joseph would be able to stay in a stable. We were allowed in too, I'm glad to say.
We had to walk down the steps and through the big doors.
I had a good look at the steps but Welly said they were OK so I didn't worry. I was a bit more scared of the big carved stone slabs inside the Cathedral because they were all different colours. However Sue said they were safe really so I did follow her all the way to the stable.
Mary and Joseph went up onto the stage and put Baby Jesus in the manger. There were some (rather strange but friendly) sheep too.Sometimes you can't take pictures in a church because it's not polite but when Sue asked the lady Minister she said it was a precious moment so we were allowed to. Here we are in front of the crib. There were some lovely decorated Christmas trees and Welly thought they were nice enough to eat but Sue did tell him he shouldn't so he only ate a tiny bit !

The crowd followed us into the stable and everyone sat down with all the children in the front row.The choir sang again and all the children joined in.

The shepherds and kings came during the singing and brought gifts to Baby Jesus. The organ played very loudly but we didn't mind because Jana our helper was really enjoying it and kept giving us lots of fuss.
After the singing all the children were given a candle and paraded past the manger with them. On the way they gave us lots of pats. Then the organisers came up and patted us too.

We watched everyone troop out of the cathedral before we went and Welly was very good about the tree.
Then we went out to look for our horsebox cos Bart had finally found where he should park it. The humans gave us some hay and told us what good boys we had been.
It was certainly an exciting day out and we reckonned we had earned the hay. Jana REALLY enjoyed it and said it had made her Christmas. Our humans also met an old friend and settled down to enjoy coffee and cake with her in the van while we ate our hay.
Perhaps we will be asked to go again next year?
Love to all,

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