Sunday 20 November 2011

Hobby riding and Jana by Jake

November was a lovely month with beautiful Autumn colours this year. There are not so many children in our village now and , very sadly, our local school has now been closed. However we still get some children coming to take us for walks in the Hobby Drive. Bart and Sue had been telling us our Aunty Jana from Canada was coming 'home' and yes, she arrived !!
Here she is coming for a lovely walk with us.That's Me and Noah.Giffy, Welly and Eli came too. Here's my rider checking the length of her stirrups before getting on.
Here we are in the Hobby with all the beautiful Autumn colours all around.

We always stop for a rest at the end of the ride. We eat grass while the humans run around. Then the kids get back on and we go off home again, eating whenever possible..

Here's Welly and Noah enjoying themselves.

Happy EEores, JakeyTed

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