Friday 25 November 2011

The Experiment from Sinead

Hi everyone, Donk has asked me to tell you about the strange human who came to see us in November. Ihad to ask our humans what she wanted because she wouldn't say. It seems she was a student doing something called 'research into equine behaviour'.
Bart and Sue shut everyone out of the yard then one by one we went out to meet the lady while Sue filmed. She did an awful lot of standing still in the middle of the yard and timed herself with her mobile phone for 5 minutes. We thought it was very odd. I thought it was very boring just standing and watching her.
Here I am. I thought it was so boring I went and looked at the buckets but they were boring too cos they were empty.
Then my son Peter had a go.
I had told him the lady would stand absolutely still and it was boring. He went over to say hallo but the lady didn't speak to him so he decided to come and look for me. He was a bit cross with Giffy because she was in the way.
Then it was Donk's turn. He had a really godd try to get her to notice him. He went right over and when she ignored him he went round the back and gave her a shove with his nose ! It didn't work though - and Donk gets lots of practice at bashing humans when he's begging for his dinner. Humans can be so strange.
At one point Baby Kiwi and Gif got so bored with being shut off the yard that Gif pushed the barrier over and Baby jumped it! Our humans all rushed out to shut us all in again so that the lady could go on being boring.
Ah well, the lady said she was very pleased with us in the end and sent Sue a copy of her report on the experiment.
Lots of love, ~Shinny~

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