Saturday 30 July 2011

The Vet's latest visit.

Our favourite vet. came to give the lady donkeys their anti-tetanus boosters. Yes donkeys can get tetanus just as humans can. Sinead and Kiwi were not impressed but they were still talking to us afterwards.

At the same time the vet gave Toby a check-up. Toby is a very allergic donkey and has emphysema, a lung problem. The summer is a difficult time for him because the biting flies set off his allergies and recently it has been wet as well as hot and the humidity makes it more difficult for him to breathe. He had been worrying us by standing with his head down and being slow to follow the others. Fortunately the vet said he looked better than expected and advised us to give him an extra puff on his inhaler when it is hot and bring him into the cool stable. We already bring him in when the flies are about, with Jasper and Charlie so he is used to it.

Donkeys often suffer from breathing problems as they get older. They are semi-desert animals so they prefer a dry climate and Britain's soggy weather is not good for them.

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