Wednesday 20 July 2011

The Great Donkey Escape !

Well, it was a very wet Friday  and the donkeys had retreated to the shelter of the shed with NO intention of coming out. Bart decided to go home as he was wet and cold and hungry. Unfortunately.........because the donkeys were hiding and didn't remind him he forgot to put up the electric fence in front of the barriers.

In the afternoon the rain stopped and they came out. After a while some of them got a bit bored and Charlie decided to rub his ears on the barriers.
And that's how the donkeys got out !!
Sinead, Peter, Kiwi Charlie and Donk decided it was time to go out to the field. They went out of Charlie's gap, up Wrinkleberry lane and ended up on the football pitch which is behind their field.
Luckily it was Friday night and lots of people were watching the football on TV in the pub. They rushed out and herded the donkeys into the field.
One of the watchers was the father of one of our helpers. He 'phoned home and our helper mobilised her mum to drive her and her brother and sister down to the stables to see where the rest of the donkeys had got to. Fortunately they found the rest of the donkeys still asleep in the stables. Then they came and told us what had been going on.
We say a big THANK YOU to everyone.
Most likely the Escapees spent all night smirking when they were not eating !

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