Monday 18 April 2011

Palm Sunday 2011

This year Welly, JakeyTed and our new donkey Eli went to All Saints Church in Clovelly for the palm Sunday blessing and parade down the cobbles. Charlie and Noah went to Torrington and did a tour of the churches there.

Welly says..............
On Palm Sunday Jake and Eli came with me to the curchyard where we eat lots of good grass around the gravestones. They came out and put the big Cope on me ( they say its and honour and keep on fussing over it falling off ). Then two ladies took hold of jake and Eli and Sue led me down the steps into the church. I've been lots of times so I don't mind but Jake's only been once and Eli never has....but they followed me perfectly. We stood in the isle while the vicar said the blessing over us for us to carry back to the others. Then we paraded around the pews three times while the humans did some singing. On the first round Jakey decided it was too noisey and shot out of the door dragging his lady behind him. However Eli was the perfect companion and was cool and calm.
Then we walked through the flowers in the Court gardens, along the 'long walk' and down the cobbled street to the New Inn where the humans started singing again and the elderly lady who lives opposite came out to listen to us.
Here are some pictures......

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