Sunday 10 April 2011

Baby Kiwi's Big Day Out

Our working year usually starts in March with going to the church for Palm Sunday. However, this year, Easter was incredibly late so Palm Sunday didn't happen until the middle of April ! That meant that our year started with Baby's Big Day Out.

Sue has been studying Parelli Natural Horsemanship and Baby Kiwi has been practicing all winter to go to the Parelli games which were to be held at Dutchy Agricultural College in Cornwall, in December. Then it SNOWED in December and we had a lovely white Christmas all the country lanes were snowed up the day was posponed until April.

The first hurdle was getting there on time.
Kiwi says.......................
The humans turned up really early and we wondered what was going on when they wheeled out the horsebox. They put some hay in it and Noah said we should go and eat it so we got in together. The humans said they were pleased. Then we rattled and shook for ages 'till I wondered if we'd ever stop...but we did and when  I looked out we were in a new place with lots of horses. I had never met horses before but Noah said it was OK because horses are usually scared of us and wouldn't cause us any trouble.Here I am doing my stuff..................

It was raining so we went into a BIG shed and stood around for ages while the horses ran around. When it was our turn Sue asked me to do lots of the things we had been doing at home as well as some new things. Then we stood around again, admired ourselves in some big mirrors then we did some more training with Noah following us around. After that we got to go back to the horsebox and eat some grass. I was a bit silly about going back in the horsebox but Noah did say it was OK eventually. We got home before dark and all the donkeys asked me where we had been. I was a bit tired but we had a big adventure and the next day I had to pose with my rosette for the humans to take a picture.

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