Saturday 27 September 2014

September Agility with Pierre!

Just uploaded our Liberty Bronze video for September - dear Pierre being Pierre as usual but not helped by plenty of very silly boo-boos by the handler ! (eg walking round side of the box so he thought he should follow ! Tch ! I dunno.........

Also you're not supposed to touch your donkey when doing liberty......
Here's our scores :- 
(for doing the obstacle)/(for good horsemanship)
Where the rope is marked as ‘tight’ between obstacles, food rewards are given between obstacles or there is a break in the flow from obstacle to obstacle 1 mark will be deducted from the next obstacle’s score.
Human Name Sue Kelly
Equine Name Pierre
1.Weave 5/4 handler missed last cone
2.Curtain 5/5
3.Tarpaulin 4/5 stop
4.Closed gap in 4/4 break, not quite far enough in
5.Closed gap out 4/5 not in enough before backing out
6.Scary Corner 5/5 good
7.Pole corridor 2/4 break, stops but good in the end
8.Curtain 4/5  break
9.Pole wheel 5/5
10.Pole wheel other direction 4/5 missed the first pole

Total 89

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