Sunday 13 October 2013

Jasper's Agility Debut

Time to film this month's Online Horse Agility entry !
It's getting dark much earlier now so we had to set everything up in a hurry.
Our donkeys love knocking over all the obstacles so we shut them in the shed. Just as well because the horrid biting flies started to come out. Charlie said he wanted to go first but when he came out the flies put him off and he dived into the stable ! Jasper was already in there so we asked him to go first....and.....he did really well !
His little tail swished all the way round. He did the gate really well.....He was a bit hesitant about backing up through the T-shape but stepped into the hoop perfectly. He didn't want to stand there though and didn't think that scary flag was nice a t all !!!  However he did such a good job and it was the first time he had done a filming all by himself so we say WELL DONE JAS !
Here's the link.


  1. love watching your vids. can't find a contact for you. I need instructions on how to make some of your agility equipment please. thanks di

    1. Hi Di, Thanks for watching ! We have lots of fun doing it and do hope to get better at it one day :>) My email is . The equipment is very simple, designed to be by the agility club and mostly recycled or bought on ebay - we havn't got money to spend ! The most difficult things are bases to make things stand up, partic when it's windy. The heavy solid rubber bases from road cones are useful, also 5 gallon cans filled with gravel. Car tyres of course, any lengths of plastic pipe are great and garden canes good for holding up flags (the donkeys LOVE breaking them!) Tarpaulins that have been rejected because they leak are great for agility, also any bits of plastic sheeting - often have to weight them down with stones. Flags are cheap to get on ebay, also plastic bunting.Bart made the pedestal from recycled kitchen worktop and I covered it with old carpet tiles bought on ebay for just the £7 postage. It's amazing what you aquire once you start watching out for toys ! Hope this helps. Are you going to join us? The agility club is all about having fun, though some people are very competitive when they get really good and even as they are a huge inspiration we all hope they won't spoil it for the rest of us. .Have fun.~Sue~