Wednesday 19 June 2013

June Agility - Pierre, Sammy and Kiwi

This month Sammy, Pierre and Kiwi have entered the Agility competition.
Here's Pierre's video:-

He scored 87 out of 100 - which is preetty good for him !
That's  46  for the obstacles and 41 for good horsemanship and a comment that it was beginning to flow (around the course) a bit better.

This is Sammy's video:-

he scored 87 too which was not his highest score but got a comment that it was a great improvement,  which was lovely !
That's 46 for obstacles and 41 for horsemanship just like Pierre !

This is Kiwi's video:-

She scored 82 and was very good for going through the water obstacle because she's too young to have crossed much water yet. It was a VERY windy day too and the flags and bottles kept blowing everywhere.

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