Friday 3 February 2012

The Hay Shed

Hi, Noah here. I've been quite successful lately in invading the new hay shed.
This year our hay arrived in October. We had to have huge 'Euro' bales because the farmer didn't have any of our small ones. They came on a huge trailer while we were out in the field.
The farmer carried it into our yard on is tractor. The tractor looked HUGE in our yard !
The big bales wouldn't go in our hay loft so he stacked them up outside the horsebox's shed.
Then he pushed them into the shed. Just as well he's a very good tractor driver cos he might have knocked the shed down with such a giant tractor.

Here they are all pushed in ready for us to eat after Christmas.
Now, when the humans want to feed us they have to fill up a big dumpy bag from the shed because the bales are too heavy to lift. They do enough dumpy bags to last a few days because it's quite a difficult job. I always like to help so I've been getting into the shed so the others can come too.
Here I am with a good mouthful. I turned round and Kiwi and Peter were trying to get in. Strange thing is the humans keep throwing me out.
There goes Jana with the bag.
This time Kiwi has got in first, bringing the queue with her !

Watch out Kiwi Jana is coming back!

The bag is filled up again and Jana drags it off  - and I'm ready to snatch another mouthful !
Sue loves me really !
Cheers ! ~Noah~

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