Saturday 3 September 2011

Pierre Conquers The Log !

Well, I was going to do some bareback riding and as I am a bit big for Pierre I like to get on gently from the stool rather than haul myself up from the ground. So I put the stool beside Pierre - and he walked off. He's not supposed to do that by now. I climbed up and down on the stool to make sure he wasn't worried and he walked round me - and behind my back he climbed on the log ! What's more he stayed there long enough for me to go off and find the camera.

So....has he found a clever way of getting out of the riding or was he copying me standing on the stool? Have to ask him........

He's not saying !
Next day he was quite happy to do it again and even played toss-the-rope up there.

Well done Pierre.
Now for Sammy !............~Sue~

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