Saturday 7 May 2011


The donkeys have been visited by the dentist. She is a very nice lady recommended by the Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth, and she comes every year to file off any sharp edges the donkeys have on their teeth. Donkeys' teeth grow all their lives and wear down while they are eating grass. Sometimes they don't wear down evenly, particularily in older donkeys, leaving sharp edges.
Kiwi and Peter think Gill's toolbox looks suspicious.

They put the gag on Giffy so that they can see clearly what they are doing. Giffy looks a bit worried but they are so quiet and confident that she doesn't make any fuss.

Filing teeth is hard work.....

But it all goes well.

Noah's turn. The headstand helps to keep the donkeys' head in the right place. The donkeys seem remarkably calm about it all.

Even the electric file doesn't worry them too much.
Peter is too young to need any attention but he is fascinated by the goings-on and watched the whole time. His Mum,Sinead, thinks the dentist looks scary and stays out of the shed..........but she keeps dropping in to make sure Peter hasn't got himself into any trouble!

If your donkeys need a dentist we can recommend these ladies.
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